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Your AR-Auhoring Tool & Playout App
Truly anchor knowledge and learning content by bringing your training to the place of need. Extend real places or enhance analog formats with AR & AI infused experiences to create better learning formats.

Easy to handle browser based Authoring Tool

Fully compatible with your existing learning systems, our Nextcreate Authoring Tool lets you bridge the real and the digital world. Intuitive and easy to use and with rich creation possibilities. Via point and click everyone can integrate, change and create content and provide the full learning experience.

Anchor your existing or new content in any room with the help of Augmented Reality

By bringing existing or newly created content to real places, knowhow can be much better built and learning content acnhors witin the head. Without coding skills you can place 3D objects, audio, video or websites everywhere - by using spatial anchors in a room, image markers or QR codes.

Intuitive free Playout App for all deskless workers (iOS, Android)

Reach your target group where they are: at the workplace. With the device they are familiar with: their handheld. Enrich their real world with your digital content and create THE learning experience by recognizing placed content in rooms.

Wake up "old" content and boost sustainability

By enriching old formats like books, handouts, manuals, flyers or product instructions with digital content, you can prolong their lives. Reuse what is there by using immersive technologies without coding know-how.

Usage Scenarios

Customers use Nextcreate for various industries and usage scenarios – find your sweet spot and just try it out


Experience the future of upskilling with Augmented Reality (AR) through Nextcreate.
Our platform bridges the real and digital worlds, accelerating and enhancing the learning process. By seamlessly integrating digital learning content with real-world environments, employees can quickly acquire new skills and knowledge directly at the point of need. With Nextcreate, you can free your content from screens and extend it to where it's needed most, all at a low cost and without the need for technical expertise. Empower your workforce to learn effectively using their existing handheld devices, without the expense of VR/AR glasses.


Nextcreate revolutionizes your onboarding process:
The introduction of new employees is shortened and improved by the seamless connection of the real and digital world. With AR-enabled handhelds (smartphones & tablets) - without expensive VR/AR glasses - you can convey the required knowledge precisely at the place of need. Nextcreate makes onboarding in your company as smooth as ever.

Instruction on demand

Nextcreate's AR mobile app is a game-changer for deskless workers in the field.
On-the-job instructions are now readily accessible, always in your pocket. With AR-enabled smartphones and tablets, you can deliver vital guidance right where it's needed, without the need for costly VR/AR glasses. Our user-friendly interface ensures that your workers can easily hear, read, watch, comprehend, and implement instructions, enhancing efficiency and precision in the field like never before.

Orientation in buildings

Nextcreate transforms navigation in unfamiliar spaces.
Using your smartphone, employees and clients can effortlessly traverse through rooms, guided by real-worls digital anchors that provide insights on specific elements. This innovative approach simplifies orientation and allows users to access valuable digital content, enhancing their understanding oh their surroundings. Say goodbye to getting lost and hello to a whole new way of exploring and learning about new areas and buildings.

Nextcreate Releases

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Closed Beta

Exclusive Preview of Nextcreate for “closed beta” users

Closed Beta

In December 2023, we exclusively open our new and enterprise ready version of Nextcreate to all Closed Beta users who supported us in the past months, introducing a brand new User Interface with extended 3D preview capabilities and Deep Linking to your projects.

Open Beta

Big Open Beta release

Open Beta

In February 2024, we celebrate the Open-Beta release of our new Nextcreate Authoring Tool to the public. This will include browser based project creation supporting all kinds of media, Web- and Text-To-Speech editors, a content library, full integration of image markers and QR codes and the new playout app for iOS and Android.


Addition of new features


Addition of several new features like Spatial Anchors to anchor content in rooms, advanced Group Management, Multi-Content 3D Editor, Library Manager, Interactive Content Linking, Integration of Stock Footage Services, SSO, User Analytics and more usage improvements.

Final Product

Official product release and end of beta test

Final Product

Optimization of features and integration of Beta Tester feedback. New Features depending on feedback could be automated LMS integration, support for AR glasses, more integrated editors (e.g. video, audio, image), Offline Functionality, AI Chat support and direct authoring in the Playout App.

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