Chapter Editor

On this screen you can provide a thumbnail image and adjust the main settings for your project. You can manage your chapters here and publish your project.

1 Preview Area

Is this area you can preview how your content will look in the Nextcreate mobile app. When you choose AR Display Mode you will see a 3D Viewport with your Image Marker and the your content as you would see it through the camera of your mobile device. If you use On Screen Display Mode this area will show a flat 2D representation of how the content will be arranged on your mobile device screen.You can navigate the 3D Viewport by using your three mouse buttons to rotate, zoom and move in your scene.

2 Viewport Controls

Move / Rotate / Scale

This allows you to position your 3D model on your image marker. 2D content like images and videos will be automatically positioned.


You can choose between different lighting conditions for your 3D model, which are mainly visible with reflective surfaces. Besides a standard neutral light you have the option to choose between a more industrial technical light setup and a more nature outside scenery.


Depending on your use case you can choose if you have your scene displayed in upright or flat mode. If your Image Marker is viewed on a horizontal surface like a table, the Flat Mode is a better representation, when viewed on vertical surface like a wall, the Upright Mode is the way to go. This does not affect the experience on the mobile device.


Choose between different camera positions in 3D view to see your scene from front, side or top view.

3 Chapter Setup

Chapter Details

You can enter a name and description for your chapter here, which will be shown in the top and bottom area on your mobile device when the content of the chapter is displayed.

Image Marker

It is possible to upload one or multiple images here that trigger the same content. In most cases a single Image Marker will be fine, but you might want to use two markers to cover both sides of a book or provide the same image in different light situations or viewing angles to improve the recognition of your Image Marker in difficult conditions.


This is where you upload your content like images, videos, websites, 3D models and audio files, including text-to-speech and subtitles. You can find more information on how to use these content types in your project here. Every content type has its own settings which can be adjusted here in the Content Tab. The burger menu with the three dots allows you to delete, replace or rename your content.

4 Display Mode

AR (Augmented Reality) Mode

In AR Display Mode you can preview your scene in the 3D viewport as you see in the screenshot above and the user of the mobile app will see it through the camera of his device.

On Screen Mode

In On-Screen Mode you see a flat canvas view and the user of the mobile app will see the content as well flat on the screen of his device. (Screenshot)