Content Upload

There are multiple content types you can add to your project. For example, you can overlay an image marker with one visual element like a picture, a video or a 3D object and additionally add multiple audio elements like an mp3 file and a text-to-speech voice-over with subtitles.


Image overlays are an easy and powerful way to extend your Image Marker with additional information. You can use x-ray type of images to show the inner structure or technical mechanics of an object.Besides JPG files, which are usually recommended because of the small file size, you can as well use PGN files with support for transparency. This way you can overlay only parts of your Image Marker or use graphical elements like arrows or circles to highlight specific areas.
As performance can be an issue with mobile applications it is recommended to keep the image size as small as possible, e.g. 1920x1080 pixels.


MP4 Video

Videos are a great way to extend existing images! You can as well use for example the first frame of your video as an Image Marker and bring the image to life like that.As performance can be an issue with mobile applications it is recommended to keep the video size as small as possible, e.g. 1280x720 pixels.

URL (YouTube, Vimeo

Just enter a valid Youtube or Vimeo URL here to use them in your chapter.



Just enter a valid URL here to use this website as your content. This feature allows you to integrate regular static websites (like Wikipedia) as well as interactive ones hosted in your favorite LMS like feedback forms, quiz pages or interactive tutorials.


Want to create your own webpage or a “learning nugget” from existing content? No problem, just use our block based web-editor and copy/paste existing content from other websites, Word and Powerpoint documents or PDFs into it.

3D Object

3D models are great for visualizing designs and functionalities in AR scenarios. They can be easily implemented via the GLB file format, which is optimized for performance on mobile and web applications. In GLB format, textures and animations are stored with the model in a single compressed file. If the GLB file contains animations, you can select it in the settings after the model has been loaded in the scene. 3D models in GLB format can be found on stock footage sites like Sketchfab and can be edited if necessary with 3D tools like the open-source software Blender.
For best performance on mobile devices please make sure to keep the polygon count of the 3D model and the texture size as low as possible and use jpg textures if no alpha channel is needed for transparency.


MP3 Audio

Voice over or music can be added to your scene by uploading an mp3 file. For best performance on mobile devices a reasonable bitrate of 128kbit or lower is recommended.


To create your own audio clips from text you can use our Text-to-Speech module. It allows you to choose from different voices and languages and adjust the speed, volume and pitch of the output. Please note that the available emotions may differ depending on the selected voice.


Audio content can be supplemented with subtitles in SRT format. Please note that SRT files have to be prepared with a specific editor and are not working with video content in Nextcreate.