Project Settings

On this screen you can provide a thumbnail image and adjust the main settings for your project. You can manage your chapters here and publish your project.

1 Project Thumbnail and Title

You can upload a thumbnail image for your project and set a title here. Both will be visible on the Project Overview screen of the mobile Nextcreate App for Android and iOS (Screenshot)

2 Main Settings

In this area you can define the main settings for your project:


o All Company Users: This is the default setting and allows only access to the project in the Nextcreate Mobile App by people you have added manually to you list of company users. Access requires a username and password.
o Anyone: This gives access to anyone who can scan the App Link QR Code (see #3 below) without the need to provide user credentials. This is useful for public scenarios.
o User Group (coming soon): You can select one or more groups of company users who should have access to this project. Groups are defined in the Group Manager (coming soon).

Project Category

o Allows you to set a custom category for your project that can be used for sorting on the Project Overview page. One project can belong to multiple categories.


o You can enter a short description here to describe to your app users what this project and its chapters are about. The app user will see this description when starting the project on the mobile device (Screenshot)

Navigation Mode

o Random: The user can scan the image markers in any order
o Step by Step: The user has to scan the image markers in a specific order which can be defined below in the Chapter section.

3 App Link

The App Link provides an entry point for your Nextcreate mobile app users. To access your project the app user can just scan the provided QR Code with a mobile device and will be forwarded to the app store for downloading the Nextcreate app. If the app is already installed, this link will open the app and the project directly.If access to the project is restricted by the “Access” setting to company users or groups the app user will be asked to provide valid credentials when opening the app via the QR Code.

4 Publishing

By pressing the Publish button you are making the project available in the Nextcreate mobile app for the user specified in the “Access”-Field. When a project is published you see the status under the title and on the project card in the Project Overview. With the same button you can unpublish a project.
PLEASE NOTE: Any changes on a project that is published will be immediately available to the app users. In the future we will have a two-step process to give the author the possibility to review changes first before publishing them to the app users.

5 Chapters

In a chapter you can define which content is shown to the app user when a specific QR Code, Image Marker or Spatial Anchor is scanned. Click on “Add New Chapter” to open the Chapter Editor and add content.