User Interface & Project Overview

When you log into the Nextcreate browser based authoring tool the main user interface shows your workspace with your projects and a collapsible sidebar.

2 Account Info

You will find you account information and the possibility to log out here.

3 Main Workspace

This is the main work area where you view and manage your projects, chapters and content.

4 Filter Tabs

You can use these tabs to show only projects that are in a published / draft state or belong a custom category which you can assign to your project on the Project Settings page.

5 „New Project“ Button

Click here to start a new project! If you are new to Nextcreate we recommend having a look at our Showcase-Project first and explore some chapters with example content before you create your own. This will help you getting a good understanding of how different media types can be used in Augmented Reality and OnScreen mode. As for the available project types you have the following options:
  • QR Code: Use a QR Code to make your content accessible (coming soon).
  • Image Marker: Use an image to make your content accessible.
  • Spatial Anchor: Use your phone to place an anchor somewhere in the room to make your content accessible. (coming soon)

6 Showcase Demo Project

In this demo project you can explore a couple of chapters with different usage scenarios. You can directly try them out in our Nextcreate Mobile App for Android and iOS by using these Image Markers.